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The Story of Yonberg Harmonicas

Everything started at an altitude of over 5,200 feet in a wide alpine meadow in the French Alps.  Jean-Claude Bibollet, 11 years old, was looking after a herd of cows with his brothers.  To pass the time he played an old harmonica with missing reeds he had found at the back of a drawer.

As he grew into manhood, Jean-Claude became engaged with studies which led him to engineering and product design.  He used his mountain experience to develop new products for mountaineering.  And thus were born: helmets, ice picks, snap hooks, snowshoes; products uniquely creative which remain industry leaders because of their functional, lightweight designs.  

But all of this time, he often fondly recalled his boyhood days; ardently playing his old harmonica in the mountains.

Finally one day Jean-Claude reached a decisive moment: he was going to manufacture his own harmonicas!  They had to be different from everything that had come before.  If not, what sense was there for him to take this momentous step.

Drawing from his many years of product design, he developed the unique prototype.  Succeeding generations of prototypes helped to refine the specific design of this harmonica with its' fluid, futuristic lines.

The last thing to do was to name it.  The name had to somehow reflect his original passion of playing among the nordic mountain wilds.  The name "YONBERG" seemed to evoke this wonderful experience.  And so, the Yonberg Company was created and settled in the small city of Thones, France, in the heart of a valley dominated by the mountains where it was born.

In March, 2015, the first Yonberg diatonic harmonica model, the D1 was introduced.  Its' ergonomic design, modern look and superb playability was immediately and unanimously appreciated.  It was quickly followed by the D2 model.

A great adventure had begun!