Kenneth Johnson

It all started for Kenneth about 10 years ago, as he lay in recovery after a heart attack. He had always been interested in harmonica, but had never done anything about it.  Having just beat death brought an increased sense of urgency and he bought a harmonica on the way home from the hospital. Little did he know how far this would take him. He messed around with it for 2 years, then on one faithful night, when he hit the stage at an open mic, BOOM!  He was hooked.  From that night on all he wanted to do was get better (something he is still working on). He loves playing the harmonica and the exciting the journey this little instrument is taking him on. The people he has met and the places he has been continues to amaze him.

He builds harmonica microphones too.  He finds it relaxing to take an old scruffy microphone and turn it into a nice stage worthy harp mic.

He is heavily inspired by the one and only Blues Brothers, by James Brown, Magic Sam, and many others.