Why Yonberg?

So you may ask, why should I buy a Yonberg harmonica? The main reason is: it will save you a lot of money. Why? The Yonberg harmonicas fit together so exactly that it is very difficult for any mouth gunk, hair dust, pocket lint, etc to get inside of them. The first photo is of a Yonberg Storm that is 7 months old. It was not cleaned for this photo. It is played almost daily. I put it in its leather case that is not completely enclosed and keep it in my pocket throughout the day. The second photo is of the inside of a harp of similar age and use. I don't put it in my pocket unless it is in a completely enclosed case. You can see the grime, small hairs, and miscellaneous gunk. And this is a good harp; actually more expensive than the Yonberg. What does this mean? All this accumulated dirt gets into the reeds and causes stuck reeds, reeds going dead and out of tune, broken harps. After a few years you'll have piles of dead harps that you paid good money for that no longer work. Unless you have harp tech skills, you won't be able to repair them. Instead, you'll have a harp graveyard as in the 3rd photo.