D1 Hakan (Fire)

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D1 Hakan (Fire)


COMING SOON! The D1 Hakan diatonic harmonica’s covers receive a Anodized Alloy finish and are made of a lightweight alloy. The Gamma reeds® are made of either high quality stainless steel or bronze.

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100% Made in France.

Gamma reeds® offer high performance and exceptional durability. They generate a warm, powerful, harmonically rich sound that characterizes the “Yonberg’ sonic signature”. The Gamma reeds® require a little play time to achieve their optimal flexibility and performance.

A special “ultra-responsive” version of the Gamma reeds® is available and provides an optimal responsiveness and a greater facility of triggering the five highest notes of both reed-plates. This option is for high level harmonica players who can play with great velocity. Less experienced players may not be able to fully utilize these capabilities.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 81 gr

  • Length: 4.33 inch

  • Thickness: 0.82 inch

  • Width: 1.49 inch at 1 Hole side and 1.02 inch at the 10 Hole side

  • Bright chrome plated light-weight alloy covers

  • Black key cap*

  • Black screws

  • Black comb*

  • Reed-plates

  • Gamma reeds® – made of bronze or stainless steel

  • Black pivoting arms* that anchor the reed-plates

  • Patented Quick and Easy Dismantling System of the instrument to clean it very easily (QDS system)

* Tritan®, high performance food grade resin 


D1 is available in 12 Richter keys and 3 Solo Tuning keys.

  • Key of Low F

  • Key of C

  • Key of A

  • Key of G

  • Key of Bb

  • Key of D

  • Key of E

  • Key of F

  • Key of Ab

  • Key of B

  • Key of Db

  • Key of Eb


  • Gamma reeds® made of either bronze or stainless steel

  • “Ultra-responsive” reed-plates (only with the stainless steel version, for high level players)