Yonberg WIND

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Yonberg WIND

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The D2 WIND is equipped with high quality Seydel Brass reeds.  Like the other D2 models, it features Yonberg's innovative, ergonomic polycarbonate body.  The two covers are stiffened by 1 mm thick stainless steel plates which act as acoustic mirrors, delivering a big, bright sound rich in overtones.  Available in Keys C (Black Covers), A (Pearl Blue Covers), and G (Pearl Red Covers).

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The WIND incorporates all of the unique design features which make all Yonberg harmonicas super responsive, extremely airtight, and easy to maintain.

Technical specifications of D2 "Wind"

  • Reed plate with special high quality brass reeds made by SEYDEL

  • Weight: 86 gr

  • Length: 4.33 inch

  • Max thickness : 0.82 inch

  • Max width: 1.49 inch at low reeds end and 1.02 inch at high reeds end
  • This diatonic harp is available in three Richter keys : C, A, and G  
  • Compromised Tuning - 442hz
  • Polycarbonate and stainless covers
  • Polycarbonate comb
  • Three M3 (0.12 inch) screws for a quick and easy  fully dismantled instrument: The QDS (Quick Dismantling System)


Your harmonica will be delivered in a case which is specially designed for Yonberg harmonicas to prevent condensation thanks to the ventilation openings arranged in its side faces.  Inside this box you will find a mini Phillips screwdriver allowing easy and quick  disassembly and reassembly for cleaning the instrument and it also contain a small leaflet giving maintenance advices.