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Edmonton, Canada

I like the look and the color combo too. Those customizable color schemes are way cool.  The sound is very good.  I find it a little more precise than the Lee Oskar.  The blow and the overblow are more solid on the Yonberg with better volume and clarity. I like the ergonomics a lot, the "feel" of the harmonica in your hand.   I also like the way the comb fits your mouth. Thanks again for the stellar service!

Jake of "Jake Knows Harmonica" reviewing the Yonberg TYPHOON.

“Wow! This is an impressive instrument.” — Jake


The great British harpist Will Wilde, jamming on a Yonberg Storm.

"Quite a Cool design"

"if you're someone who takes his harp apart regularly, you're going to like these"



Clint Hoover on overblowing with the Yonberg Harp.

"Every one of the overblows work, right out of the box"

"Has a nice ringing quality that I really like"



Robert Bonfiglio, the renown classical harmonicist:

"More focused because it's airtight"

"A Great Harmonica!"


Leon Weston

United Kingdom

Just wanted to let you know I received the purple Typhoon before Christmas and I absolutely love it. I am so impressed with the looks, feel and most importantly the playability. It sounds great! 

Mike Guthrie

Foresthill, ca

I can't say enough good things about Yonbergs.  They are completely air tight and super responsive!  Not to mention that the look and feel is like nothing I have experienced before.  Yonbergs are by far the best deal for your money.  Amazing harps at a reasonable price!

Michael Tucci

Clarence, New York

"I couldn't be happier with the Yonberg- great sound, responsive play and the ergonomic design gives me more control over dynamics. I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to get into the harp to tweak the reeds-- so fast it could be done during a gig if need be. Not only is the Yonberg a fantastic harp, but Alpine's service and responsiveness are awesome."

Rick farrel

Herculaneum, Missouri

"I received my new Yonberg Harmonica, and just love it. It is so much easier to play single notes than my other name brand harps. And for a new player like myself, that’s important. Also, the folks from Alpine, helped me choose the right harp for me, and it was delivered in 3 days. I will for sure be ordering more! Thanks Alpine."

Dimitri Gusev

Brooklyn, New York

"I must say that I was pleasantly amazed by all the great possibilities, the big sound, the clarity of the articulation and comfort of the Yonberg. 
Great dynamic range too! Absolutely amazing instrument. Period.  And for live gigs the power of the Yonberg easily and clearly cuts through the band.  My new workhorse."

Fred West

Hart, Michigan 

What a Harp! harp got here today and I've been playing it for the past two hours. It sounds and feels amazing. I'll be back to buy more in the future. They would be worth it if they cost twice as much.

Terry Wilson

Leesburg, GA

Bar none, this is probably the easiest to play perfect diatonic harmonica, right out of the box. The Typhoon is especially slippery through the lips. Love it. Notes play clear, blow and draw, from bottom to top. 
Super easy to clean, inside and out. 
When it comes to 10 hole diatonics, I don't know that it gets much better than this. Love my C Typhoon. Ordering a G Typhoon, probably today. Pearly Iceberg White! How cool is that? Real cool.

FRank lopez

Wailuku, HI

"Wow! What an excellent harmonica!! Completely unique and refreshing. Rather than producing more of the same, Yonberg has created a thoughtful and responsive instrument. I’m a big & tall guy with big hands. Finding a harp that didn’t feel compact and cramped was challenging. I was using Suzuki Bluesmasters for their comfort and size but the D2 Storm just takes harmonicas to a higher level, an evolution. It’s the most comfortable, natural and intuitive harmonica I’ve ever played. This beautiful harp wants to be played, practiced and pushed. I’ve finally found the harp that’ll allow me to practice in comfort. This harmonica is the one that’ll make me better."

arthur moore

portland, oregon

"Thank-you for a harp I've never seen the likes of.  A good sounding, solid harp.  The more I play it the more I like it.  I particularly like the tool to take the harp apart that comes with it.  Thanks again for a really cool looking harp!"

Edward H.

Jacksonville, Florida

"Just received a Yonberg Storm.  It's really great.  Has Seydel stainless steel reeds and it is the loudest sounding harp I have ever played.  It really honks.  You can break it down super fast to clean it.  Has it's own little tool for that.  Only three bolts hold it together. Very airtight.  One end is wider than the other so you will never pick it up the wrong way.  I just don't see any downside. Nice!"

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