Guarantee and Repair Procedure

Our products are under the Manufacturer's warranty. 

REGARDING HARMONICAS: Please realize a harmonica cannot be returned after it has been played, but it can be sent to the manufacturer for warranty work.  If there is a problem let us know and we can help you with your warranty return.

YONBERG SARL Company warrants their harmonicas to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when leaving the factory. If you have received a defective product, or think you have a warranty issue with any of the products, please contact Yonberg, France for instructions to get your product repaired or replaced. 

Harmonicas found to contain manufacturing defects will be replaced or repaired by YONBERG SARL for a period of one Year from the original date of purchase. This Guarantee does not include malfunction or damage due to misuse, abuse negligence nor repair or alteration not performed by YONBERG SARL.

Please note that reeds and valves are wearing parts and are not covered by the Guarantee, so broken reeds, defective notes, and tuning issues may occur with time and are not under warranty.  Most of the time if you play your harmonica with a good mouth positon and without strain it will last from several months to several years.  If you’re pushing hard to get notes such as bends and overbends problems may occur.

Any alterations or work done on the instruments by yourself voids the Guarantee.

Guarantee service will not be performed unless your proof of purchase is received and please always add your address and a short description of the problem and send the instrument as clean as possible in a well protected package.